Slow Summer | In Conversation with Artist and Poet Anna-Alexandra

The artistic work of Anna-Alexandra is a true travel into the experiential and the deep connections between ancient myths and wisdoms, psyche and emotions…

Through her visual art projects (by the way do not miss the project “Minotaurus” on her website, my favourite!) she succeeds at creating bridges between poetry, ancient culture and art and the contemporary world and society.

The stories she tells are rooted to those characters we can identify with; stories tell about our human fears, challenges, hopes, rebirth and transformation...

Objects are part of her stories too. In her work objects interact with the human body as part of a whole, as part of nature...


Hello Anna Alexandra, can you give us a little intro into your universe?

My name is Anna-Alexandra and I am an artist and a model, mostly a person who
loves life and goes through it in a bohemian way. I was born and raised in Sofia,
Bulgaria, but I am a citizen of the world. I like to travel. I have studied ancient
languages and cultures, philosophy and culturology. Topics from these disciplines
are often present in my projects. I love to read and write poetry.
I'm based on Mallorca

Where do you get your inspirations? 

I am very influenced by the primitive art, ancient culture and by the primordial female figure. Many of my projects are about the feminine image, the mysterious and magical feminine nature and its connection to the earth and to the circle of life. I start exploring at the root of my subject - at the myth and its etymology. I look for connections between passion and fear, between nature and the different images of the femininity. I’m interested about how objects create context but are also part of a common nature. Тhis connection is very strongly felt in primitive and ancient cultures where art tries always to satisfy men’s religious or spiritual needs.
My work is inspired by mythology, philosophical and anthropological concepts and poetry, that is the fundament of my exploration. Sometimes even when I'm reading a scientific text I imagine how some concepts can be transmitted with the instruments of the artistic expression. My work is also strongly influenced by Мatisse, from his sense of composition, colours and shapes.

What is the message you would like to send through your creations? 

We all have the necessity to create. Тhe transformation of our inner impulses, feelings and thoughts is part of a deep psychological process, that is necessary for our growth as personalities. In each of my works there is a piece of me. My method is connected to the real interaction between my body and the canvas, paints and other materials. I want people to feel emotionally connected to the content of my work. Art for me is more about subconscious experience than the interpretation of an intellectual concept.



What do you enjoy most about living and working in Mallorca? 

I love Mallorca. The island is incredibly beautiful and magical, and as Gertrude Stein told Robert Graves in a 1929 interview, "Mallorca is a paradise if you can stand it." Life here is strongly connected to the seasons and the sea. I also really like the multicultural spirit. You can meet here any kind of people from all over the world. We are living here since 3 years and my connection to the island is growing stronger and stronger. I was always dreaming of living on an island. Close to nature and to the sea. For me wellbeing is strongly linked to the pleasure and satisfaction from life. Of course It's a complex combination of emotional, physical and mental factors, but more than anything else, to me, it depends on the connection to our inner creative centre and intuition. I feel that Mallorca is giving me the right context and conditions to create. For example, my project last project LA MAR is about the feminine nature of the sea and about the female personifications of the water and was inspired by Mallorca, the sea and anthropological linguistic researches on mediterranean poetry and myths.

What is your favourite place, which allows you to resource yourself ?

Somewhere near to the sea, where there is nobody and I can swim and run naked, read a book or write a poetry in blissful silence.


What does sustainability mean to you? 

Ecology and sustainability are two current and very connected narratives about the behaviour of humans toward themselves and the environment. The most commune definitions of the Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Etymologically, the word sustainability comes from sustainable + ity. And sustainable is, for instance, a composition of sustain + able. So if we start from the beginning, to <sustain> means “give support to”, “to hold up”, “to bear” or to “keep up”. At the end, sustainability can perhaps be seen as the process in which not only actions like reducing waste, investing in renewable energy and so on are important, but rather the change of our personal lifestyle. Sustainability is a moral goal.

You are passionate about herbs and slow food, what are your thoughts on this you would like to share with us? 

Yes, I am very passionate about cooking, researching sustainable methods for producing foods and alternative or natural medicine, witch includes studying the  healing properties of plants etc. I am very inspired by the return and rethinking of the concept of ¨local¨, to enjoy what surrounds us - simple and delicious fresh ingredients, produced by local communities. I share the values of the slow food movement with focus not only on nutrition, but also on preserving culture and heritage as it relates to food. My recommendations are: 

Trust nature, trust your body 

Еat colourful, varied and fresh local food. 

Prepare your meals with fresh ingredients from scratch. 

Carefully choose the sources.



What do you do to unwind outside of work? Do you have any rituals that you'd like to share with us?

To me work and life are merged. Anyway if I like to relax I read poetry, go into the nature.


Do you have any personal hacks for getting through this summer the slowest way possible?

Тime is the most valuable thing we have and for that reason we should spend it on the things we love. We must not compromise in the name of a distant future. There is only Here and Now, and that is why we must be fully and consciously present in the moment. Slow rituals are a long walk along the beach, reading and writing poetry, painting, making love for hours….good things require time and attention.

Interview by Florence I. J. Franks
All photographs courtesy of Anna-Alexandra

Find more of her work on Instagram and site.

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