Slow Summer | In Conversation with Sonia Pueche and Jaime Mato of Época ceramic

The first thing that attracted me when I saw Época Ceramic pieces for the very first time on Instagram, was the beauty of the irregular textures of clay, giving all Sonia and Jaime’s objects that authenticity I always seek in design. 

With a workshop in El Escorial, the duo of artisans of Época Ceramic create unique pieces made by hand. Irregular, imperfect and real. 

The simplicity of the shapes,  the beauty that lies in the imperfections, all pieces are the result of the connection of the artisans with nature, materials, and their reflection on time, freedom and art. 


Hello Sonia, hello Jaime, can you give us a little intro into your universe? How did you both meet and begin working together?

When we met Jaime had space available in the workshop where he worked and Sonia needed a space for her photography studio. Everyone was at work but we shared an opinion on things. When we started to have a common interest in clay, the project began to develop naturally.


Can you tell us about “Época”, how was this project born? 

At the time it emerged in a very natural way. At the beginning there was not a very definite idea of anything, we simply made objects for the pleasure of making them, which we have managed to maintain and has become an indispensable emotional axis in our work.

Handmade is a a slow process in itself: what does slowness mean to you? 

We understand that it is essential that we are satisfied with both the result and the manufacturing process of each object. This is a little different from what our cultural context imposes but we try not to subdue us and enjoy the process because this is reflected in the pieces.



Where do you get your inspirations? 

The truth is that there is a wide range of influences ranging from the natural environment, artists, friends, the work of many other people living or dead, disparate cultures or primitive art.


What is the message you would like to send through your creations? 

I think we don't have a particular message to convey, although we like it when people tell us that the pieces convey calm to them, because it's just how we prefer to feel when working.


What is your favourite place, which allows you to resource yourself? 

Our favorite place at the moment is where we live, our home is the same place of work and the truth is that it is one of our favorite places. Although forests in general are places where we always want to spend time. 

What do you do to unwind outside of work? Do you have any rituals that you'd like to share with us?

They are simple things like those of anyone, walking with our dogs, reading, watching movies, travel from time to time or just not doing anything, that is almost always the most difficult.

A ritual usually involves a periodic action that precedes or precedes an action and in this sense we have no routine. If the question had a magical character, we also do not have something remarkable although, philosophically, we agree with a certain magical thinking.




Do you have any personal hacks for getting through this summer the slowest way possible?

Although it is a cliché, to do things for the pleasure of doing them, without expecting any reward, except the process itself.


Interview by Florence I. J. Franks
All photographs courtesy of Época Ceramic

Find more of Sonia and Jaime work on Época Ceramic website and on Instagram.

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