Why Do We Love Linen ?

Linen, our SIGNATURE fabric

“My aim was to design garments made to last and worth repairing and passing down. Intentionality, versatility, ease, and a holistic vision are at the core of all that we do. And that’s why I chose linen for our  designs”. Florence, ERIRI's founder
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Durable is synonymous with linen.

Linen clothes and accessories are made to last.

Linen is sustainable luxury, THE fibre aligned to our goal to design earth-aware clothing. Linen is one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics. Made from the flax plant, it’s also one of the oldest natural fibers known to man, dating back to over 35,000 years. Linen truly stands the test of time!  Linen is 30% stronger than cotton which makes it much more durable. 

Linen, excellence Made in Europe

The only textile fibre plant originating on the continent, European linen cultivation cannot be relocated, its excellence is due to a unique combination : a natural, damp ocean climate, flax’s low thermal density, a rich soil and the experience of flax growers. 

This also means a local qualified workforce, with human know-how that is passed down through the generations, and a unique location that allows transparency and traceability.

©S.Randé - CELC - Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre (30)

It is a naturally sustainable plant fibre

Flax is a generous plant, offering us the possibility of exploiting everything. Roots, fibers - for textiles -, stems - for paper, seeds, its oil, each component of the plant are usable and do not produce any waste. Nothing is thrown away.

With a minimal environmental footprint, flax does not require irrigation, if not natural, with rainwater, thanks to the geographical location of its crops. Its culture supports only few inputs (fertilizer and phytosanitary) and thus protects rivers and groundwater. Flax is a carbon sink, the plant absorbs the Co2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Linen can be processed without the use of chemicals and when untreated it is fully biodegradable  — which is great news for people and the planet.  Finally, flax can be used in a crop rotation system which contributes to healthy soils.

It has a luxurious look and feel

Linen is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, moisture-resistant and breathable. Even better, linen actually gets softer over the washings. It repels dirt and stains while being easy to wash and durable. Linen is easy to look after, by machine or by hand, air-dried. It’s recommended for sensitive skins, and offers wellbeing and restorative sleep. As an anti-stress virtue, linen is used as an excellent regulator of body temperature.

It’s seasonless 

Flax fibre is hollow, its weight allows warmth in winter and cooling in summer. Contrary to popular belief, linen can be equally well worn in summer and winter (exactly as other fibres, you can find various fabric weights). 

©S.Randé - CELC - Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre (23) 


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