Notre histoire

ERIRI is an independent woman-owned, contemporary linen clothing brand. It is a thoughtful edition of clothes designed to work together, timeless and distinctive, created with intention. 

This adventure was born from the desire of ERIRI's founder, Florence, to travel the world, and meet sustainable tourism professionals, discover new cultures and jobs. 

“I had already started a certain soft transition towards a more frugal way of life, but the specific objective of the trip was to be as zero waste as possible. Rich in emotions, it was a great experience to (re)discover myself, my strengths and weaknesses, what I am passionate about”.  - Florence, ERIRI's founder


Florence participating at a weaving workshop in Guatemala

Having never been to fashion school, design school or similar, she decided to enroll in the evening classes of the Paris City Hall in textile technology. Learning about fabric pushed the idea of creating a thoughtful, intentional, and holistic fashion brand, made for women who love stories behind things. 



" It is with my dad that I found the name of my brand: ERIRI. 
ERIRI means "Thread", "Fiber", "Knot" in Igbo, one of the languages spoken in Nigeria, my father's native country. "
 - Florence, ERIRI's founder

ERIRI is at the service of a project where common sense, frugality, eco-logic, and aesthetics join forces to define the core of a brand for the woman who wants to wear clothes with a story and a purpose. 

Creating a clothing brand is not easy, but wanting to create a brand with impeccable ethics and desirable aesthetics is truly a long road full of doubts, especially when you are a solopreneur!   

ERIRI works with textiles because they are linked to the identity and the culture of a place and its know-hows. They speak of pride, resilience, empowerment, healing, and, above of all, connection to oneself and others!

We invite you to embody a new definition of fashion: a sustainable, eco-logical fashion, that is not afraid to be innovative and to shake up codes and beliefs to be a force for a better tomorrow! 

ERIRI is Florence's side project.

Are you joining the adventure?