About Pre-Orders


The global textile industry is still involved in maintaining practices that lead to abuses of basic human rights, pollution of soil, air, and water, and threat to biodiversity. 

Our challenge: offer high quality garments and accessories made from durable materials at a fair price while allowing the project to develop.

The answer: offer yourself the ERIRI garments and accessories on pre-order.


The pre-order process:

It consists of ordering the garment before it is been made. Thus, we can size the initial production and launch a collection based on the number of pieces ordered. In short, as a small brand we avoid waste in many ways. 

Once a prototype is ready, the garment is available on our website as a pre-order and limited edition.  

If you already follow and/or pre-order from other fashion brands, you know that pre-ordering involves a bit of a wait, such as a couple of months in the future.

But here are…. 


6 benefits of pre-ordering: 


1. To avoid overproduction and waste of resources (material, money, time).

It allows the brand to produce the right amount of pieces, order the necessary raw materials and supplies. It also gives more time to anticipate and prepare the production.

This implies zero stock & zero unsold items and good waste management. 


2. No devaluation of the garment, we reconnect with the garment, its history, and the people who made it.

This mode of operation will be an opportunity for us to move away from fast fashion. ERIRI sets the fairest possible price all year. 


3. Breaking free from disposable fashion.

Eco-responsible fashion brands offer clothes regardless of the season. This approach puts the product back at the center and favours a lucid and sustainable purchase. 


4. Participatory design.

In order to respond to a real need and offer a piece that pleases,  the community can participate in the design of the new piece. This creates a real link between the brand and the community.


5. No impulse buying, we take the time to understand.

A bias that puts the product back at the center and promotes a lucid and sustainable purchase that is not influenced by trends or seasonality. This practice revolutionizes our relationship to production and consumption. 


6. Supporting slow fashion.

You support a new way of producing and consuming, a vision of a fairer and more sustainable society for all. 


How does it work?  

  • Newsletter

A preview of the new garment will be sent through our newsletter: the newsletter community will receive a sneak peek of the new edition before anyone else!

  • The launch

Once a prototype is ready, the garment is available on our website as a pre-order and limited edition. 

  • Manufacturing:

Production begins with the utmost care, while we keep you informed of the garment's production process.

  • Delivery

Orders are ready to get shipped. We will keep you informed of the waiting time. 

  • Enjoy!

Yay! It's time to cherish your ERIRI piece.

Send us a review and a picture of you wearing it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note our Terms and Conditions, specific to our garments and accessories on PRE-ORDER. 

I have ordered something on Pre-Order, when will it be shipped?

The estimated dispatch period is listed in the description of each pre-order garment and accessory. Please note that these dates are estimates ONLY. 

I have changed my mind, can I cancel my pre-order?

Pre-order items may be cancelled within 24 hours from time of original purchase for a refund.  After 24 hours, no cancellations will be accepted.

Can I return my pre-order?

Pre-orders purchased at full recommended retail price are able to be returned as per the conditions of our standard returns policy. Please check our Returns Policy here .

I've forgotten what the estimated dispatch date is for my pre-order. Where can I find this information?

Please click through to the product page that you purchased on the website and you will find the estimated dispatch period mentioned in the product description. This is an estimate only.